Sports and Remedial Massage is not just for athletes!

Sports massage was originally developed to help improve sports performance. Remedial techniques that you would expect from a physiotherapist were added to a massage treatment. As a result a good sports massage will improve the body’s movement and help deal with injuries and postural imbalances. These are often caused by the repetitive movements in most sports.

But what about the many people who spend most of their working week in front of a computer? Or those that do a physical job like building or plumbing? Repetitive strain, muscle tension and injury can just as easily occur through bad posture at the computer, manual work or even through playing an instrument as a profession.

Most people will benefit from sports massage as the deep work into the muscles and soft tissue stimulates the muscular and nervous systems. Physiotherapy techniques such as advanced stretching are used to increase range of movement, break down scar tissue and enhance blood flow. Many people do find the treatment relaxing and tension reducing as well.

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How can Sports & Remedial Massage help me?

For athletes ……… You are likely to stress your body by frequent hard training and competitions. Rest days, stretching and good nutrition will help the body recover but sometimes more is needed.

Sports massage will help you
• Recover better from hard training or competitions
• Reduce muscle pain and tightness
• Train more frequently because you recover better
• Deal with niggles before they become full blown injuries
• Achieve your best when it counts

For others………Repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s) and muscle tension and can affect anyone. You sit at the computer all week and suffer back and neck ache, possibly painful wrists and shoulders too. You spend all weekend gardening and have an aching hip and shooting pain in your leg. Sports massage is just as effective with relieving pain and correcting muscular stress and imbalance caused by everyday activities.

After  surgery……. we have great success in improving movement in a joint or limb. An operation to repair a joint or compound fracture may require immobilisation. This results in muscle weakness and stiffness. Sports massage can help by breaking up scar tissue and stretching shortened muscles. Weak muscles can be strengthened – the patient will be asked to do simple exercises to help their own recovery.