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Running is a repetitive & high impact occupation. Therefore the sports massage therapist sees a high incidence of people that are suffering from a runners injury. Many of these people are new to the sport & have built up their training too quickly, but seasoned athletes often arrive with over-use & muscle imbalance type injuries. Favourite runners injuries are Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee & sprained ankles. Stress fracture of the tibia, calcaneus or metetarsals are also fairly common & these patients must be referred for an X-ray or scan.

To avoid a runners injury it is crucial that the new runner is fitted by an expert into a suitable pair of running shoes. It is also important that training is built up gradually over a period of time. Strength or circuit training is also beneficial in avoiding the typical runners injury. This is because the cardio-vascular system often responds more quickly to training than the muscles & tendons. Therefore the new runner is able to run further & over more challenging routes, & the muscular system struggles to cope. There may also be discrepancies such as weak buttocks, over-pronation & other joint misalignments which do not become an issue until the person takes up running. The repetitiveness of the sport soon causes these relatively small imbalances to develop into a typical runners injury.

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After suffering from chronic bad back pain for as long as I could remember I was recommended to visit Trudy and her relaxed manner and amazing knowledge of the body really helped me work to correct my posture and home-working setup and I’m seeing great results already
Jason M, 39 yr old man
I decided to take up active exercise and found I was suffering from regular aches and pains in my shoulders. After a few quick sessions with Trudy I realised that I actually had tissue damage and needed to change my exercise routine. With new strengthening exercises I am able to complete an exercise class without the recurring pain
Karen M, 50 yr old lady
I have been running pretty much all my adult life and time has taken its toll on my joints and my recovery time between events has been greatly reduced which has left my training schedule almost non-existent so when I visited Trudy and she was able to help me reduce my recovery time it was like having my youth given back to me. I have now completed 5 more marathons that I thought I wouldn’t have been able to do!
Patrick H, 60 year old man