Sports Massage services for Sutton, Surrey

Trudy Kuhn provides a sports massage service based in Sutton, Surrey. If you are looking for sports massage (deep tissue massage) in Surrey Trudy works at the Surrey Health and Beauty Spa, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2TG.

The borough of Sutton has many sports facilities including three leisure centres. There are several public swimming pools in and around Sutton. The David Weir Centre at Middleton Road Carshalton has a running track, and the Sutton Tennis Centre at Rose Hill has excellent facilities. Sutton is the home of Sutton United FC. There are many beautiful parks in and around Sutton which are suitable for running and cycling. Many have tennis courts and some run open air yoga and circuit training classes. Most have football and cricket pitches. Nonsuch Park, Cheam which is in the borough of Sutton has a free 5K Park Run each week for runners of all abilities.

Surrey couldn’t be better for both serious athletes and those who just like to keep fit. Surrey has a high population density but there are plenty of large open spaces which are ideal for runners, cyclists, golfers and horse riders. Surrey is also close to London so getting here is easy. Favourite places for sports events are Richmond Park and Epsom Downs. Many smaller parks also run sporting events and several are home to a weekly 5K Park Run. The countryside is stunning and there are plenty of off road routes and hills for runners and cyclists to train on.

All of our Sutton and Surrey athletes will benefit from regular sports massage. There are many businesses in Sutton and in the other Surrey towns where employees will require sports massage for repetitive strain injuries. Pain and strain can be caused by work posture. Those suffering from work related pain will find a sports massage to be a relaxing and effective treatment.